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JUST AN FYI - Algonquin College GLBT [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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JUST AN FYI [Oct. 8th, 2006|06:44 pm]


[mood |annoyedannoyed]

Wow so I'm walking down bank street last night and I noticed the new issue of Capital Xtra is out so I picked one up. I always love reading that paper! anyways so im flicking through the pages and I saw an article on ALGONQUIN GLBT written by a friend of mine so i was like yay im going to read this. So as im reading im like yep ppl are still fucking immature then i get to this one part, here let me site it ;

"Judging by those who turned up Sep 21, this year's club can boast a lot of passionate members. Downer is optimistic that's sufficient for it to succeed where past clubs have failed.

"I want to see a lot of things, like I want to see us have an art exhibition and all these cool things, but it will depend on how much people want to put into it. I was a part of the club two years ago and the meetings were really unorganized and they didn't have a set schedule. I think that confused people. I'm going to try to keep it the same day of the week, bimonthly."

So lets set the record straight and a few things here and boy am I not in a good mood now.

We busted are ass' off to get that art show in place and we did! I think you guys had one full week of Campus Pride! Algonquin College was on that flyer for that week u had the drag show art exhibit the sex shop thingy u had lots to do that week!!!!!! LOTS!

Safe sex xmas kits, bake sale, movie nights, BOWLING, etc and to sit there and tell my friend that we were disorganized that takes a lot of balls!!!!!!!!!!! LITERALLY!

When it came down to getting a room we tried and guess what it just didnt go over. We worked with a lady who tried everything in her power to get us a room as well as holding meetings with ombudperson etc we had papers written to the school TEN YEARS ago to get a room! Its not going to happen over night and ppl cant seem to get it!

And another thing that pissed me off more then anything and SHOULD HAVE NOT BEEN SAID was ""I think there has been some discrimination. What possessed them to give the Aboriginal group a permanent space, which is great, and I fully support that group, but you would think there are more GLBT students than Aboriginal students at Algonquin," Downer says.

TOTALLY IGNORANT!!!! To even say that or to think that wow totally gutsy!

And my final statement on this issue which was uncalled for is how could u sit there and say; "has anyone ever been to edge......well i hate that bar and do u no Christine? Well we used to be friends and shes just a HUGE BITCH!"

I think that if u had real balls u would tell me to my face instead of bad mouthing but thats okay i'll be taking this to the SA on Tuesday morning with a formal complaint in regards to this. YOu are supposed to be creating a safe space for students to go to but what you are doing is discriminating against an individual!

(Deleted comment)