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OT-Do yourself a favor avoid getting tattooed at Silverline [Oct. 20th, 2005|11:49 pm]


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As a bulk, Silverline is total Shit, if you know anyone that works there direct them to me. I'll tell them to their faces.

WE alked in received a quote on a piece of work, one of the artists friends that attempted to sway us from shopping around for an ideal artist, by implying we were price shopping and linking it to price shopping for a surgeon.

Fact of the matter, is obviosuly as a client we want to get the best bang for our buck.
After looking around, and discovering that our regular artist (from a local parlor) was off today, we decide to give Silverline a shot.

We go in the lady holding the front desk is busy getting tattooed. Wow, how impressive She was a chinless butt ugly bitch, she tries to imply that I should get camel footprints tattooed on me b/c I'm from Egypt).
Anyways she quotes us a price. We fill in the forms. The artist leaves to apparently prep. We tell her we will pay via debit. Many of the reputable parlors now take credit and debit. She informs us that unfortunatly they do not accepted debit, that there is a nearby atm machine accross the street. She quotes us a price after tax.

When we return, she tells us she made a mistake and the price is actually an extra 25$, sure that seems small, but we are already going to pay 225$ for a tat smaller than the palm of my hand. So apparently eventhough the bitch misquoted us, the onus was on us. Not a very good business practices.

The artist is still apparently prepping out back. She attempts t take out money, we tell her we'd like to dscuss something with the artist first, as we may be changing sizes and and what not. (Shrinking the tat by a factor os 0.8) and reducing some of the more complex detail. She attempts to argue it and take our money again, we slowly start getting peeved as we are waiting for over 15 mins. She tells us the artist is actually out having a smoke. We wait longer, and then proceed to leave. Obviously if he was out having a smoke for like 20 mins our business was not important to him.

We later find out that the artist was infact out back getting high.

Now if we have to be clean erse(not under the influence of alcohol or drugs), can we not assume that the artist must also be drug free will tattoing us?